Archive | May, 2009

2009.05.31.AM-Godly Living-A Godly Marriage


Part 4 of the series. How does God define a healthy marriage? After all, He created it. Pastor Phil Goss discusses Gods view of marriage, as compared to the common view, and how every married couple can have a Godly marriage.

2009.05.24.AM-Godly Living-Godly Sex


Part 3 of the series. Pastor Phil Goss explores the difference between the common view of sex and Gods idea of sex. How can we honor God in our sexuality?

2009.05.17.AM-Godly Living-Godly Finances


Part 2 of the series – Godly Living. Pastor Goss talks about finances – who they belong to, how they are managed, and the difference between managing finances for selfish purposes and being a steward of finances for Godly purposes.

2009.05.10.AM-Godly Living-A Godly Woman

What’s the difference between living well, living normally and a truly Godly life? Pastor Phil Goss begins a seven part series – Godly Living – with a look at A Godly Woman.

The Proverbs 31 Woman has been exalted, vilified, feared and misunderstood. Pastor Goss explores this famous chapter to discover the real attributes of A Godly Woman.