Archive | June, 2009

2009.06.28.AM-Is That You


Life happens. But do the circumstances and situations of our lives all happen by chance, or is there something, or someone, that is trying to communicate with us?

Associate Pastor Tim McDaniel asks the question, Is That You?

PGSSClass20090628-Love is…

Pastor Sam Neal leads the class in a discussion of love and all its meanings and applications.

Listen to the class.

2009.06.21.AM-Godly Living-A Godly Man


What does a Godly man look like? What qualities does he possess? Pastor Tim McDaniel concludes the Godly Living series with a look at a man who the Bible writer says qualified as a Godly man.

2009.06.14.AM-Godly Living-A Godly Lifestyle


Part 6 of the series – Godly Living. Does the way I live please God? Pastor Phil Goss talks about Godly living, which is not a matter of do and do not – suprisingly enough. Find out about a life that lives up to the qualities God looks for.

PGSSClass20090614-Taking Action

How do we get along with others? Why don’t we? And why can’t they get along with us?

How do we move beyond the theory of solving conflict and into the practical application of the theory? Pastor Goss and the class discuss this.

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2009.06.07.AM-Godly Living-Godly Parenting


Part 5 of the series – Godly Living. God not only told us how to parent, He is the example of Godly parenting. Pastor Phil Goss preaches about how to be a Godly parent.

PGSSClass20090607-Fixing the Problem

How do we get along with others? Why don’t we? And why can’t they get along with us?

Pastor Goss talks about how we can fix our problems with getting along with others.

Listen to the class.