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2009.09.27.AM-Dr. James O. Davis


Guest evangelist Dr. James O. Davis brings the message from God’s Word. Check out his new book at


Pastor Goss tackles the “timeline” for the end of time – Rapture, Great Tribulation, Second Coming, and all the rest.

Listen to the class.

2009.09.20.AM-The Way to Maturity


Pastor Phil Goss commemorates the 76th anniversary of Faith Assembly by looking ahead. No matter how old we are, there is maturity still to come in Christ.

2009.09.13.AM-Stories from Sunday School-Noah and the Ark


Pastor Phil Goss concludes the series, Stories from Sunday School, looking at some of our favorite old stories in a brand new way.

Each sermon in the series begins with a sketch, featuring the Sunday School Kids.

Today we hear about Noah and the Flood.

PGSSClass20090913-Perilous Times

Pastor Goss continues a discussion about death and the End Times. What should we do? How should we respond? Join in this informative discussion.

Listen to the class.

2009.09.06.AM-Stories From Sunday School-Moses


Pastor Phil Goss is in Part 4 of our series, Stories from Sunday School.

Remember those old flannelgraph pictures, the smell of crayons, and the simple songs with hand motions? This series takes you back to those days, while exploring timeless truths from God’s Word.

Today, we look at Moses and the Children of Israel crossing the Red Sea.

The recording begins with a visit from The Sunday School Kids.