Archive | October, 2009

2009.10.25.AM-The Lord’s Supper


Pastor Phil Goss explains the meaning and message of the Lord’s supper. This includes examining some of the things that people believe that end up getting in the way of God’s intentions in communion.

PGSSClass20091025-The Anger of Moses

You can learn by your mistakes, you can learn by somebody else’s, or you can learn by the Word of God.

Or you can not learn at all.

Pastor Goss and the class are looking at the mistakes of people in the Word of God and how life can be different.

Listen to the class.

2009.10.18.AM-What Should I Do


Pastor Phil Goss looks at one of the most profound and fundamental questions of life. This question – though answered by Jesus – continues to be asked in various ways.

2009.10.11.AM-The Journey Home


Associate Pastor Steve Anderson talks about life’s journey, where we are headed, and how to get where we need to go.

2009.10.04.AM-Praying about your problems


Pastor Phil Goss speaks about a subject which is both simple and difficult – simple to understand, but difficult sometimes to tackle.

PGSSClass20091004-The Crisis of Eli

Pastor Goss begins a new teaching track that focuses on individual characters from the Bible, the crises they encountered, and the lessons that can be learned.

The first session is about the life of the Old Testament man, Eli.

Listen to the class.