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2010.01.31.AM-A Story of Repentance

Pastor Phil Goss discusses a story of repentance, why it is important for us today, and how it affects our tomorrow.

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2010.01.24.AM-ENOUGH-Enough in Your Hands

Pastor Phil Goss concludes the three-week series, ENOUGH, with a look at what is Enough in Your Hands.

Often, when we feel afraid and insecure about what we have, it prevents us from reaching out and giving and ministering to others. What would it be like if everyone realized, I have enough?

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2010.01.17.AM-ENOUGH-Enough in Your House

Pastor Phil Goss continues his three-week series on the provision and plenty that God provides for each of us. Unfortunately, we live in a society that constantly screams we must have more. But, God says, we have enough.

Part two of this series examines why you have Enough in Your House.

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PGSSClass20100117-The Holy Spirit

Pastor Goss teaches on the often-neglected third person of the Trinity.

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2010.01.10.AM-ENOUGH-Enough in Your Head

Men and women constantly search and strive for MORE – more money, more possessions, more power, more fame…never completely satisfied.

Yet, God says, “You have…enough.”

Pastor Phil Goss begins a three-week series that looks at what God has given us, and why it is enough. He begins by examining our mindset, and how having enough in our bank account might just depend on having enough in our head.

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PGSSClass20100110-The World Financial Condition

Pastor Goss talks about money with a guest from the Assemblies of God Financial Services Group.

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2010.01.03.AM-What Will Endure

Pastor Phil Goss kicks off the new year with a message that is challenging and relevant. As we head into a new year – a new decade – what must we focus on, what must we do, and what kind of people should we be in order to be successful?

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