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2010.08.29.AM-The Necessity of Connection-Connected to the Congregation

Once we come to church, we encounter other people. How important is it to connect to them? How should I treat other people “in the room”?

Pastor Goss answers these and other questions in part 3 of this series.

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2010.08.22.AM-The Necessity of Connection-Connected to the Church

“I like Christ – I just don’t like His church.”

A popular and misguided sentiment. The Church is, by the account of Jesus himself, the Body of Christ. The Church is His Bride. If we are to really be connected to Christ, then we must be connected to His Church as well.

Pastor Phil Goss makes these and other salient points in this second part of the three-part series, The Necessity of Connection.

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2010.08.15.AM-The Necessity of Connection-Connected to Christ

We long to connect. We look to connect. We are built to connect.

We need to connect.

But what do we connect to? How do we connect? What are the benefits of connecting and how long can we expect to benefit?

Pastor Goss addresses our need to connect in this three-part series.

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2010.08.08.AM-How to Handle a Crisis

A very simple question frames this message: How do we handle the crisis?

Pastor Goss brings a word of hope and encouragement, along with practical teaching for the crises you will face in life – and the one you might be going through now.

This message brings the facts – both the ones we see, and the ones that God wants us to see.

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2010.08.01.AM-Watchman, What of the Night?

Pastor Steve Anderson explores the plans and purposes of God, along with our partnership with Him as His watchmen. If that confuses ¬†you, or you don’t know what that means, listening to the enlightening and encouraging message.

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