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2010.09.26.AM-Survivor-Surviving Failure

How are you?

Some would say they are “surviving.” That’s not a bad thing. Surviving life and what it brings is an achievement that not everyone attains. God tells us that he makes the godly survive hard times.

Pastor Goss begins a three-week series called “Survivor” with this message on surviving failure.

Listen as we hear encouraging words on how to survive the failures of our life. (And don’t be fooled – we do experience them.)

2010.09.19.AM-A Mighty Army

Faith Assembly celebrates 77 years of ministry, and 22 years of ministry under the leadership of Pastor Goss today.

But many people might misunderstand who Faith Assembly is, and what kind of people you meet when you attend. Perfect? By no means. Polished? In some cases, perhaps. People who have it all figured out? Not at all.

Pastor Goss pulls from the story of David, and his mighty army, to relate the call and function that is on Faith Assembly – a place for mixed nuts.

Listen to this message.

2010.09.12.AM-Why I Can Always Be Hopeful in Christ

Life is getting harder.

That’s not just a perception, for many it is a reality. Health, age, the economy, distress in relationships…difficulty surrounds us.

But in the difficulty of life, we are buoyed by this certainty – as a Christian, I always have hope.

Listen to this encouraging message from Pastor Phil Goss.

2010.09.05.AM-The Necessity of Connection-Connected to the Community

Connected to God. Connected to His Church. Connected to the people in the church, God’s congregation.

But that’s not all. We need to be connected to the community as well – those that around us everyday, and need to be connected to God, but aren’t yet.

Pastor Goss finishes the four part series with a powerful call to action.

Listen to the message.