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2011.05.29.AM-Amazing Grace-Saving Grace

Grace is at the center of our relationship with God. Everything that matters is touched by grace. But how does this specifically affect us everyday?

Pastor Phil Goss begins a series exploring this rich subject, Amazing Grace, with today’s message on Saving Grace.

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UPDATE: Download the sermon notes.

2011.05.22.AM-Important Relationships-Healthy Children

Pastor Goss concludes his series on Important Relationships by turning our attention to the children. How can we raise healthy, Godly children in a world that is corrupt and corrupting? What can we do to be the adults we need to be?

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2011.05.15.AM-Important Relationships-Honorable in Marriage

Pastor Goss continues the series on Important Relationships with a direct and timely message on honoring marriages God’s way.

Too many Christians live with the mindset and morals that the world defines for us. But God gives us frank and practical instruction for having a great marriage.

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2011.05.08.AM-Important Relationships-Honoring Our Parents

Pastor Goss begins a short series that examines the important relationships in our lives, what threatens them, how to protect them, and how to improve them in each area.

Today’s message looks at the relationship we have with our parents and how to honor parents in the way that God intends.

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2011.05.01.AM-What drives my life?

Pastor Goss asks the question, what drives your life?

The factors and influences of your life will impact where you end up. While the journey is important, the eventual destination and direction are the primary factors of a life well-lived.

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