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2012.01.29.AM-Pure and Simple Devotion-The Description of Devotion

One of the chief concerns of the Apostle Paul was that the early church would remain true and committed to the Truth of the Gospel. He longed for them to hold fast to their “pure and simple devotion to Christ.”

Pastor Phil Goss begins a series that looks at how we can be drawn away from such a devotion.

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2012.01.22.AM-Two Views of Money

Taking material from Robert Morris and his book, The Blessed Life, but primarily relying on the many Scriptures that talk about it, Pastor Goss talks about the two views of money.

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[This is the third of a three-part series, however, the first two parts mainly used video from Robert Morris, were not recorded and are not available.]

2012.01.01-How to Have a Great Year in 2012

Pastor Phil Goss examines God’s Word to find some great promises for 2012.

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