[checklist-box title=”Before Service ProPresenter Operator Checklist” extraTitle=”” extraUrl=””]

Verify Playlist

  • Verify Link to “_Walk In Music WEDNESDAY”
  • Verify Link to Before Service Announcements
  • Verify Link to Welcome Video
  • Verify Media Properties set to “Stop”
  • Verify Link to Announcements/71o1 Video
  • Verify Media Properties set to “Stop”
  • Verify Links to All Songs
  • Verify Arrangements to All Songs (compare to Planning Center)
  • Verify Link to Message
  • Open Props
    • Verify all Lower Thirds needed for service are in Props
  • Read all notes to all items in Planning Center
    • Verify Links to any special videos or items (Missionary, Baby Dedications, New Members, Videos, etc.)
  • Verify Links to any Audio being sent from Video
  • Verify Audio set to “Blackmagic”

Communications and screens

  • Bleachers video screen: Down
  • Bleachers projector: On [Use ProjectorSetup on laptop –]
  • Verify front projectors: On
  • RTS Communication: On

30 minutes before service…

  • Select “Walk In Music Slide”

5:01 before service…

  • Start “Service Opener – Basic” in Audio bin